Cleaning & Polishing Kit

Cleaning & Polishing Kit

Cleaning & Polishing Kit

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Dronco Osborn Cleaning & Polishing Kit

Dronco 10 Piece Professional Polishing System 6900003

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Processing on pots, processing on mountings, automotive industry, builder`s hardware
For use on drilling machines, flexible shafts, angle polishers and stationary polishing stands for ultimate
polishing in 3 steps.
Content of package:
6 Cloth discs: 2 x Sisal cloth, 2 x Notiflex® 914, 2 x Notiflex® 925
3 x polishing compound (white, brown, blue)
1 x drive arbor



DRONCO is among the top 5 of Europe's leading manufacturers in the field of abrasives and sells its products worldwide in approximately 120 countries. Our range of cutting, grinding and abrasive discs, diamond tools, ceramic abrasives, abrasive paper sheets and technical brushes is renowned for its outstanding quality among professional tradesmen and demanding DIY users worldwide.


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