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Here at Griffins aim to provide a quality website which you can use to browse our products, place an order, and even make inquiries directly to us all without leaving the comfort of your home.

We stock a large amount of equipment at our store in Midleton, Co. Cork, including such brands as Teng Tools, Bahco, Bosch, Sealey.

We are developing our own products, with GRIFcut (Abrasives), GRIFweld Automatic Shields (welding), GRIFsafe Goggles (Safety) with more lines in the pipeline.

We are also a premier supplier of welders and welding equipment from such companies as Bohler Welding Group and SIP.
We Stock Gas-Welding consumables, i,e cutting torches, hoses, flashbacks, regulators, and much more…

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