Easy Gas Argon

Easy Gas Rent Free Welding Gas – Argon 10 ltr Bottle

Easy Gas Argon

Easy Gas Rent Free Welding Gas – Argon

10 ltr Bottle


Commonly used when TIG welding stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminium it can also be used on a MIG welder for aluminium and alloys in conjunction with the correct MIG wire.

Argon is typically suitable for most TIG welding applications providing a capability of welding at any depth.

  • The repair of alloy wheels,
  • farming equipment
  • vehicle body panels
  • model work and metals used for aircraft are among many of Argons popular uses; however it is also used in many applications that you wouldn’t expect, such as filling the gap between your double glazing and the space in a light bulbs. Our argon cylinder is filled with high purity,
  • high quality gas, enabling us to boast a minimum purity of 99.995%, giving you the best possible results.

Safety Data Sheet



EasyGas is produced in a state of the art, modern filling plant in Co. Cork, ensuring the highest level of quality control and safety procedures. Historically welding & cutting was exclusive to Heavy Industry, however today with advancements in technology, the skill of welding and cutting is now open to the light or occasional user. We have developed a portable range of gases for Welding and Cutting, and eliminated the barriers to using such equipment. Get in touch with us today to learn how Easy Gas can help you.


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