74 Piece Ratcheting Bits Driver Set

Tengtools TTMD74 74 Piece Ratcheting Bits Driver Set

Teng Tools

74 Piece Ratcheting Bits Driver Set

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Tengtools TTMD74

74 Piece Ratcheting Bits Driver Set

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74 piece set including a ratcheting bits driver, 6” flexible extension, 69 bits, 4” extension bar and a coupler adaptors. The set is supplied in a unique Teng Tools TC tray and can be used either on it’s own or as part of the Teng Tools TC control system. The tray features a removable hinged click lock lid and dove tail joints which enable different TC trays to be locked together and used as trays in Teng Tools tool boxes and roller cabinets. All of the tools in the set have their own individual place so lost tools can easily be identified. (265x142x50mm, 0.74 kilos


25mm hex bits 1/4″ hex drive contd. PH1x4, PH2x7, PH3x1, PZ1x4, PZ2x7, PZ3x1, 1, 2, 3 square, GR
25mm hex bits 1/4″ hex drive contd. 0.6×3.5, 0.6×4.5, 0.8×4.0, 0.8×5.5, 1.0×5.5, 1.2×5.0, 1.2×6.5, 1.4×7.0, 1.6×8.0mm flat
Accessories 1/4″ drive ratcheting bits handle including 6 bits PH1, PH2, PZ1, PZ2, 5 & 7mm flat, 6″ flexible extension
Accessories 1/4″ drive contd. 4″extension, 1/4″ M:1/4″ hex adaptor coupler, 1/4″ F:1/4″ hex coupler adaptor
25mm hex bits 1/4″ hex drive TX6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 20×3, 25×3, 27, 30, 40, TPX10, 15, 20×2, 25×2, 27, 30, 40, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm hex



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