Grinding Stones with Two Grains

Grinding Stones with Two Grains 528-COM

Grinding Stones with Two Grains

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Grinding Stones with Two Grains


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  • Aluminium oxide stone double grain for wide spectrum applications
  • Artificial combination stone with 2 grains for restoring and sharpening the cutting edge of chisels, plane irons etc.
  • Side A: rough side with 120 grains/cm², suitable for removal of dents in the cutting edge, to even or straighten out cutting surface
  • Side B: fine side with 400 grains/cm², suitable for sharpening of cutting edges and smoothing of cutting surfaces
  • We suggest the use of this stone before finishing with natural stones
  • Application: dry, oil or water
  • Cleaning: rub stone with sandpaper and water



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