VersaDrive® Impacta DrillTaps – Metric Coarse (301125-0040) M4

• Impact Chipbreaker action for effective swarf evacuation • Drill pilot holes and then tap in one fast easy operation • Ground flute twist drill creates the correct pilot hole size • Rated for material thickness no greater than the diameter of the drill-tap • Industrial grade Titanium Nitride coating reduces heat buildup and burn-out • Use on Impact to prevent dangerous kickback caused by handheld rotary tools • Heavy-duty hex shank design for secure non-slip operation • Impact-rated due to dual hardening process – allows up to 15X faster speed than traditional methods

Rated up to 3mm thick steel For fastest performance use on impact wrenches & impact drivers Check minimum torque requirement Up to M10 (3/8″) can also be used on cordless drills Tap the hole in one pass where possible, applying adequate lubrication before you start Laser cut holes & Stainless Steel require higher torque Use appropriate lubrication and correct RPM to achieve long tool life


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VersaDrive® Combi Drill Taps are a time saving solution for pilot drilling & tapping in one easy operation. The Titanium coating provides wear resistance and faster cutting performance. VersaDrive® Sheet Metal Impacta-DrillTaps have a patented non-slip, Hex shank suitable for use in any standard 1/2” drill chuck for cordless or pistol drills or used with a VersaDrive® Rapid Lock adapter for use in a wide range of powertools such as Magnetic Drills. Recommended for use with Impact Drivers for high drilling and tapping productivity.