VersaDrive® TCT HoleCutters – 55mm Deep (101030-0220) 22mm

VersaDrive® TCT HoleCutters – 55mm Deep (101030-0220)

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VersaDrive® TCT Holecutters are a high performance solution for cutting larger diameter holes quickly and effectively. Premium grade Tungsten carbide teeth provide ultimate cutting performance in a wide range of Structural steels including Stainless Steel and Cast Iron. These are rapidly becoming the go-to, alternative solution for fabricators and steel erectors needing to drill through heavy steel in locations and on projects where a rotary drill is more convenient and possibly safer than a Magnetic drill. VersaDrive® TCT Holecutters have a patented non-slip, Hex shank suitable for use in any standard 1/2″ drill chuck for cordless or pistol drills or used with a VersaDrive® Rapid Lock adapter for use in a wide range of powertools such as Magnetic Drills.