Offset Feeler Gauge – 12 Blades

2483 Offset Feeler Gauge – 12 Blades

Offset Feeler Gauge – 12 Blades

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2483 Offset Feeler Gauge – 12 Blades

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Single-ended cranked metric and imperial sized feeler gauges, providing easy access for measuring ignition points, spark plug gaps and tappet clearances etc.

  • Metric sizes: 0.203, 0.254, 0.305, 0.330, 0.356, 0.381, 0.406, 0.457, 0.483, 0.508, 0.635 and 0.660mm.
  • Imperial sizes: 0.008″, 0.010″, 0.012″, 0.013″, 0.014″, 0.015″, 0.016″, 0.018″, 0.019″, 0.020″, 0.025″ and 0.026″.
  • Offset for ease of use.



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